Magnetometer Damage and Temporary Solution

After 30 years of continuous operation, the fluxgate magnetometer operated at DK0WCY needs an overhaul. This will take a few months of time. To avoid disruption of measurements we had installed a replacement magnetometer in September 2021.

Late on November 7th data supply from this magnetometer stopped. An immediate examination led to the result that a water ingress had happened which has damaged the electronics.

The repair will take some time. In order to continue to provide magnetometer data we looked for alternative sources. Thankfully Leibniz-Institut of Atmospheric Physics (field station Juliusruh) allows us to use their magnetometer data.

The data are generated in Juliusruh on the island or Rügen. We can use them well because the difference in magnetic latutude between Rügen and DK0WCY is marginal and the difference in longitude of 3.5° (which is equivalent to 14 minutes of Earth rotation) is of minor relevance,

We thank the Leibniz-Institut of Atmopspheric Physics for its support.